Garbage Landfills

Seneca Lake Guardian is working diligently to help close the Seneca Meadows Landfill (SMI) by 2025.

Things You Should Know about SMI:

• SMI, located in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of Women’s Rights, is the largest landfill in NYS
• There are 27 landfills in NYS
• Waste Connections, SMI Parent company through RSNY Made 301,000 available in the 2021 election to get Pro-Landfill candidates elected
• SMI is permitted to accept 6,000 tons of waste daily
• SMI is permitted to produce up to 100,000 gallons of toxic leachate per day
• SMI is currently required to stop receiving waste and halt operations by Dec 31, 2025 due to Local Law 3 of 2016 in the town of Seneca Falls.
• SMI is looking to expand beyond 2040 with their “Valley Infill” expansion which would more than double their existing airspace and add a 6.9 story height increase.
• SMI accepts 36% of NYC’s garbage annually
• SMI is in violation of their current Town Code
• SMI is in violation of their Host Community Agreement
• SMI is in violation of NYC Part 211.1 DEC regulations
• SMI is suing the town of Seneca falls, costing the taxpayer
• SMI operated without an approved license to operate from the town for 2+ years
• SMI allows Trucks all through the night after closed hours to sit and rot with their stench over night before filling during operating hours.
• Over 95% of Municipalities in the USA operate without landfill revenue.
• Between the last two SF TB elections Waste Connections contributed almost $400,000 to get pro landfill candidates elected.
• If expanded until 2040 that would equate to 28.5 million tons of trashed dumped in Seneca Falls
• Exit 41 is the gateway to the finger lakes
• SF is the birthplace of Women’s Rights
• SMI was asked to come to the table and work with the town to address odor reporting, they said no.
• Since 2018 there have been nearly 500 complaints Confirmed by SMI of Odor on site ranging from 1-12 miles away from the landfill.
• On multiple dates, the DEC onsite monitor checked NI for not inspected.
The Valley Infill will be on top of the hazardous Tantillo landfill buried beneath SMI.

In the News

Texas Waste Giant Wrote $200,000 Check To Help Flip Seneca Falls Board In Favor of Seneca Meadows Landfill