Help Collect Data on Seneca Lake Fish Health May 29-31

Join us May 29-31 in conducting a fish health survey during the National Lake Trout Derby on Seneca Lake. Members of Seneca Lake Guardian, Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes and Sierra Club Finger Lakes are helping to collect data on the health of the fish population in Seneca Lake. We are sharing the data we collect with Dr. Susan Cushman from the Finger Lakes Institute. There are several reasons for doing the survey. We all know it is a challenge to keep Seneca Lake clean and thriving. Invasive species and industry capitalize on our shared resource. Data collected will help with efforts to protect the lake. Another reason to do the survey is to educate the public on these issues and gain partners in the fishing community.

Bob Stivers of Stiver’s Seneca Marine in Waterloo runs the Lake Trout Derby is allowing us to distribute the survey. In return, he is asking for help with staffing the three weigh stations around the lake.

Please sign up for a two hour block on time over the weekend. The link to the sign-up sheet is below, along with a link to the survey. Volunteers will distribute and collect surveys during the day, and help log and weigh fish. As this is our first time attempting to do this, we are not sure what to expect as far as level of activity. It is fishing after all!

The signup sheet has 2 hour blocks at each of the 3 weigh stations. You can sign up for as many blocks are you like. Put you name and phone number in the block to signup. The weigh stations are:

1. Stivers Seneca Marina, 401 Boodys Hill Rd, Waterloo, NY, (This location needs the 2nd most help)

2. Samsen at Sampson St Park, 6040 NY-96A, Romulus, NY, (This location needs the most help)

3. Clute Park and Campground, 155 S Clute Park Dr, Watkins Glen NY (This location needs the least help)

The National Lake Trout Derby website is

The fish survey is posted at

The sign-up sheet is posted at

To sign up to volunteer: