Call Gov. Hochul Re: Greenidge

Stop the Greenidge fracked gas power plant

The Hochul administration has a deadline of March 31 for deciding whether to grant an air quality permit to a fracked gas power plant in the Finger Lakes.

Call Governor Hochul TODAY at 866-942-5138 to block the Greenidge power plant on Seneca Lake, which is burning fracked gas for cryptocurrency mining.
The kind of cryptomining used to make Bitcoin, known as “proof of work,” uses thousands of computers to solve complex math equations. These computer farms are extremely energy intensive. According to the New York Times, this practice consumes more power than some entire countries. 

If power plants are allowed to be used for Bitcoin mining operations in New York, it would promote fracking, pollute our air and water while drastically undermining the state’s climate goals established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

The Greenidge plant’s air quality permit is currently under review – with a March 31 deadline – so now is the moment for Governor Hochul to determine whether she’ll allow cryptocurrency mining to undercut New York’s climate goals.

The industry has spent $1.5 million to lobby against regulations of the industry in New York and view Greenidge as their Alamo in a Wild West of a boom in our state, which is host to 20% of all cryptocurrency mining in the nation. What happens at Greenidge could set off a domino effect for many other retired or retiring fossil fuel plants and derail any possibility of meeting our state’s climate goals. 

Please call Governor Hochul at 866-942-5138  and urge to block the Greenidge fracked gas power plant.