Urgent! New York’s Climate Law About to be Gutted.

Please Call Hochul!

Please call Governor Hochul and urge her to NOT include the Parker/Barrett bill in the State Budget – it will gut the Climate Act and worsen the climate crisis. Our Partners Food and Water Watch have set up a direct line for you to call. You'll hear a message from Eric Weltman and be connected from there to the Governor's line. To avoid listening to all of the options, press 3, then either 1 if you want to leave a voicemail, or 2 if you wish to speak to someone. Here's the number, and below is a script for you to use when calling: (877)-235-6537

Call Script:

I am _________________ from __________________ (town), representing (or a member of)__________________ (group) calling to urge the Governor to oppose the inclusion of the Parker/Barrett unjust GHG accounting bill, S. 6030/A.6039, in the State Budget. This bill would undermine the State's Climate Act and worsen our climate crisis. To change from a 20 year to a 100 year greenhouse gas accounting system will make it more likely that gas projects will be approved. This is an environmental injustice that will increase burdens on disadvantaged communities and gut our climate law. I urge the Governor to oppose the inclusion of this terrible bill in the State Budget.