Call Cuomo About Greenidge Fracked Gas Power Plant

Dear Friends of the Finger Lakes,

We call on you to help us defeat the expansion of Greenidge's gas-fired Bitcoin plant on Seneca Lake.

Join us as we make as many calls to Governor Cuomo as possible TODAY as part of a statewide "Call Cuomo Monday" initiative (you can also make these calls all week!). Also, please don’t forget to submit a comment to the town planning board as well (details below)at

Please call, tweet, share- spread the word! Image for social media is attached.

Greenidge Call Cuomo

Sample Tweets:

Call @NYGovCuomo @ 877-235-6537 and tell him to save the #FLX by denying and revoking all Greenidge Bitcoin Power Plant Permits on #SenecaLake

@NYGovCuomo Your SOS address promised to deliver a carbon-free climate future. Greenidge’s fracked-gas Bitcoin power plant expansion flies in the face of your initiative. Deny and revoke all permits for Greenidge on Seneca Lake. Call Cuomo @ 877-235-6537

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Call Cuomo Monday: Stop the Greenidge Bitcoin fracked gas power plant on Seneca Lake

In 2017, Atlas holdings converted a previously mothballed coal burning plant into a fracked gas peaker-plant designed to provide energy to the local community at times of peak energy usage. The conversion to gas was paid for using a $2 million grant from New York State. Now, the plant’s owners at Atlas Holdings are using the energy generated at the plant to run technology that mines for Bitcoin cryptocurrency, generating power for the owner’s private use and profit rather than feeding the electricity back to the grid.

Not only is the power plant polluting our air and climate for their private Bitcoin profit, but they want to expand their enterprise. The plant currently operates at 20MW of power, but they want approval to run it at 106MW of power to increase their bitcoin mining. That power could instead be used to power 93,000 homes, or better yet- not run at all.

In the midst of a global climate crisis, this facility’s expansion would spew tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and because it’s set up to operate “behind the meter”, it completely evades Cuomo’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in NY State.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Greenidge’s hot water discharges go into a trout stream that feeds directly into Seneca Lake, harming aquatic life and increasing the likelihood of harmful algal blooms, threatening this drinking water source for 100,000 people.

What damages this fragile ecosystem will also damage our agri-tourism industry. Noise levels at the existing plant are already a nuisance for area residents, but an increase in noise generation will likely be heard across Seneca Lake’s waters, further damaging the peaceful, bucolic region. That’s why hundreds of businesses, organizations, and individuals have sent Governor Cuomo a letter, urging him to revoke current permits and deny future permits for the Greenidge plant.

Call Governor Cuomo at 877-235-6537 & tell him to deny and revoke all permits for this dirty fossil fuel project.

PS: Please send an email to the Town of Torrey Planning board at t

Sample email:

Dear Ms. Daggett, Please share this comment with all of the Town of Torrey Planning Board Members:

As a (resident/business owner/visitor to the Finger Lakes) I am writing to urge you to follow the Town of Torrey’s zoning code and Yates County's recommendation to deny Greenidge’s site plan application. (please include your own reasons why you think this is a bad idea!)

Yvonne Taylor
Co-Founder and Vice President, Gas Free Seneca,
Seneca Lake Guardian, A Waterkeeper Affiliate